Nanaimo Language Centre provides quality, learner-centered language instruction to learners of all ages and abilities. Specializing in support for ELLs (English Language Learners) and FSL (French as a Second Language), we offer customized programs in accordance with BC and Canadian educational standards. We offer ESL summer and winter camp programs to help international students develop their English skills through full language and cultural immersion in Canada. We also offer language lessons in French, Spanish and Mandarin.

Our students say:

I had a great time attending the classes in this program (9 weeks).

The teacher is fun and very efficient and precise when it comes to teaching. I learned way more than I expended for the beginner level.

The classes were fun and dynamic and explanations were always clear.

The amount of people in class was ideal for the teacher to give us close attention, and still we had enough students for conversations and interaction

Duda Thees

From Brazil

After ten weeks of study, my French level went from zero to a big progress, I think when I learnt the rules of French words, and following lessons I can keep on practice and remember these grammar rules, and it’s really benefit for my French study.

If students can keep hand work at home, with this ten weeks class study, your French level will increase a lot.

I think this class is very good, very helpful. And our teacher Sandine is very nice and very patient teacher, a very skilled, trained teacher. Thanks a lot.

Jing Xue Xu

From China


My kid really enjoyed each class with Mr. Andrew who is very professional. Lots of fun during the class. We wish we could stay longer so my daughter can learn more. Next year, we will plan ahead of time, join more classes. I am pretty sure that my daughter will get more improvement and make more friends from other nations.


From China

Andrew 非常不错哦,他很了解中国人,他知道我们说的中国式英文,他非常有耐心,所以在他面前我们能知道自己的弱点在哪里?跟他用英语聊天非常开心,不会说也不用着急,他会耐心指导你用简单的语言描述,实在不行他也会用中文让你弄懂。同时他做事真的很认真,每次改课都会提前确认,每次上课都会拓展本地的风俗习惯让你了解本地人的一些做法,有什么不懂的都问他,他能给我们很好的建议。他对小朋友很有爱心,孩子跟着他学习都很开心,没课也吵着要上课,上课时小朋友真的很兴奋,一段时间下来人都变得很开朗。谢谢andrew给我们的帮助和改变。其实他也会是一个不错的朋友!

May Zhou

From China

Muchas gracias Andrew, por la capacidad para enseñar, haciendo disfrutar cada clase y queriendo que no acabase. He mejorado notablemente mi nivel de inglés en poco tiempo y espero en Febrero verte de nuevo para continuar aprendiendo.

Javier Jordan

From Spain


Luke Li

From China

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