It is our goal to equip all our young ELL students with the fundamental literacy skills which will enable them to perform at an academic level consistent with the BC board of education’s prescribed learning outcomes. We use a scaffolding approach which moves students progressively toward stronger understanding and greater independence in the learning process. As most of our students are already immersed in an English- speaking environment through which oral communication skills are continually developed, emphasis is placed on developing strong cross-curricular reading and writing skills.

Junior: FUN! FUN! FUN!!! (Grades 1 – 3)

This is an introductory program designed to inspire and motivate

young learners in a fun and exciting English environment.

Fundamentals: phonics, spelling, high frequency vocabulary, parts of speech, sentence structure, and writing conventions.
Functional Language: introduction to vocabulary and phrases which allow students to express themselves and to describe and relate to their environment.

FUN! songs, games, role plays and other exciting activities. Just as important as what we learn, is how we learn. Our lessons are always educational and stimulating, offering our students plenty of opportunities to explore and express themselves using the target language.

Elementary: Essential Reading and Writing Skills (Grades 4 – 7)

Students at this level have already developed the foundational skills necessary to communicate on a day-to-day basis and are becoming more independent learners. This program will continue to reinforce the basic literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing while exposing students to more age-appropriate and academic specific course content.

Course Highlights:

✓ develop cross-curricular vocabulary
✓ understand writing conventions
✓ paragraph planning and organization
✓ writing styles and literary devices
✓ problem solving and analytical skills

Intermediate: Essential Reading and Writing Skills (Grades 8 – 12)

Excel in all subjects by improving your comprehension and organizational skills. Performing at an academic level consistent with their peers can be extremely demanding and frustrating for many ELLs. This course provides the necessary guidance and support which are essential to approaching your academic goals with confidence. Learn the essential skills and strategies to become a better student and get better grades across the curriculum, and get prepared for the Provincial Exam.

Course Highlights:

In class students will focus on the writing processes and developing creative and logical thinking in English.

Students can expect to:
√ Understand assignment rubrics better
√ Improve critical thinking skills
√ Learn standard writing processes
√ Proofread own work
√ Get better grades!

The Course Outline
◊ Review of basic grammar and sentence structure
◊ Literary elements and devices
◊ Paragraph and essay development
◊ Essay-general writing tips
◊ Weekly assignments in various styles

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