Our French program offers various courses for students at all ages and levels.

The following outlines some of our French programs:


More than 80 million tourists visit France each year. With some French phrases and vocabulary, discovering Paris and all regions of France would be much easier and enjoyable allowing you to understand more of its culture, its way of life and its mentality.
So, come to NLC and learn all the basic necessities of the perfect traveler in France.
We guarantee your experience will be more memorable.

This course will give you the tools to understand the tourist’s environment, to communicate with the local French population, to ask pertinent questions etc…
Level A1, A2


In today’s global society, it is a great asset to speak another language. By learning French, one can increase his or her opportunities on the international or Canadian labour market in various markets and industries.
Did you know that French is the working language and official language at NATO, UNESCO, the UN, the Olympics Committee, the International Red Cross and the European Union?
Thus, it is essential to have a command of the French language if one contemplates a career within international organizations.

This course allows the student to develop key capacities to maneuver and perform in a French speaking business environment.
Level A1, A2, B1

FRENCH Cooking/Service Industry

Have you ever dreamed of cooking the world renowned French cuisine or wanted to attend a culinary school? At the end of the 19th century, a French restaurateur named Auguste Escoffier revolutionized the French cuisine by classifying, organizing and naming everything relating to it.
That explains why the majority of terms in this industry are French.

The tourism industry is growing more and more every year. As a result, more and more employers require that potential candidates speak 1 to 2 other languages. Are you ready for the challenge?

This course aims to reinforce and provide specific learning skills for those who wish to improve their French in a professional context or those who are seeking employment in the restaurant, or service industry.
Cuisine level A1-A2
Tourism level A2-B1